Corporate Social Responsibility

We firmly believe that Deriplom's practices should promote its neighboring community's growth.

We firmly believe that Deriplom's practices should promote its neighboring community's growth. Therefore our priority is to favor local development. To accomplish this goal we set up three lines of action:
Welfare, Education and Micro-Enterprise Support.



Absolutely convinced that in order to make a contribution to the neighboring community we first needed to get to know the players, we surveyed all social organizations in the community to define a course of action that would help us build a link with these groups.

This first step was pivotal as it allowed us to know in depth how these organizations work, identify their needs and define the best way to come into play based on our company's capacities and strengths.




Some of our actions include the following:
  • • Paints were donated for Schools No. 53 "Malvinas Argentinas" and No. 62 "Alfonsina Storni". The community parents agreed to contribute with their labor. The aim of this action was twofold: the building’s enhancement and promoting parent involvement at school.

  • • Roof membranes were donated for the "Malvinas Argentinas" school library (when it rained, the library was flooded and materials were lost).  These were laid by a group of parents, members of the school coop.

  • •To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the School No. 62 “Alfonsina Storni”, a LITERARY MEETING was held, where children created and shared their own stories based on the classical books by Horacio Quiroga. For this special journey, Deriplom donated refreshments and snacks for students, teachers and parents, as well as joining in the celebration.

  • • A few days before Christmas, the "Merry Christmas" Cooking Workshop was introduced, gathering 100 families who receive food assistance at the Villa Porá Soup House to prepare homemade Panettone. The main goal this time was to create a fun project that would inspire children to cook while at the same time bringing home a Panettone, the traditional Christmas cake. The activity was a total success; both the children and adults happily joined in, working on the dough without taking their eyes off the oven until the Panettone was done!.

Support to Micro-Enterprises

Absolutely certain that businesses have a lot to offer in the social economy, we are working together with the Villa Porá Community Center to help make a dream come true: a micro-enterprise to help women develop careers in dressmaking. Deriplom recently bought towels for the plant’s staff.